Plastic Surgery Specialists

Are you looking for professional Plastic Surgery Specialists in Dublin, Ireland? You enter the absolute right place. We will help you with what you are looking for. Our company offers so much when it comes to plastic and reconstructive surgery. Advantages and drawbacks tailored to be an informatory piece through which you’ll get to know much more about cosmetic plastic surgery, whether or not this meets your needs, as well a few of the reasons for you to arrived at our clinic to your plastic surgery procedure. 
Cosmetic surgery means the reconstruction of body along with facial defects. These defects may be due to birth disorders, burns, trauma, or maybe a disease. The primary aim of cosmetic surgery therefore, is usually to reconstruct to make corrections on the areas of the body that have become dysfunctional. 
If you’ve been a cancer patient and also have undergone cancer treatment, then you may require some reconstructive surgery. Mostly, radiotherapy and cancer surgery leaves the tissue regarding the tumor damaged. For that reason, cosmetic surgery has shown to be effective in restoring the function as well as the appearance of such tissue. 
Accidents may also be the cause of your disfigurement. You might be associated with a physical impact accident, or even an accident due to burns. Due to this, there could occur some serious damage to your limbs, bones, hands, feet, or perhaps that person. In such cases, plastic cosmetic surgery can help with the repair in the tissues.
Our company offers several procedures of plastic cosmetic surgery in your clinic. Many of these include:
1. Breast reconstruction. If you have had your breast removed maybe on account of cancer, you have to can help you reconstruct it. In case you are in an accident, in addition we assistance with things such as the areola and nipple reconstruction.
2. Burn repair surgery. Burns might cause serious injury to your skin tissue. Therefore, we have such a task as skin grafting that will help you repair such tissue.
3. Scar revision surgery. If you aren’t more comfortable with the scars you have on the skin, we now have scar reduction procedures which can help you reduce and even completely eliminate scar. 
4. Hand surgery. This is the procedure customised for individuals whose appearance and performance of the hands may be jeopardized. Such are closely related to items like ulnar nerve compression, Dupuytren’s disease, hand paralysis, or on account of nerve ganglion problems and arthritis effects. 
5. Congenital defect repair. 
6. Lower extremity reconstruction. We’ve several medical procedures choices for lower extremity because of arterial or vein disease.
Should you be considering why you need to choose us, keep reading. There are many reasons so that you can choose us. The most important reason is that we target attaining perfect and exquisite cosmetic plastic surgery results. Also, we have been a licensed and authorized plastic surgery clinic. All our surgeons are members of The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS). Therefore, were identified by The Medical Council as well as the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). This proves that we’re properly trained, competent, and enjoy the experience in Plastic Surgery Specialists.
Make contact with us to really get your consultation appointment using one of our surgeons today. You are going to love the experience and the outcomes of choosing us to assist you.