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Do you need professional plastic surgery in Dublin, Ireland? You are in the right place. We will help you with what you deserve for. You can expect a lot when it comes to plastic and reconstructive surgery. This article is tailored being an informatory piece through which you can get to know more details on cosmetic plastic surgery, whether or not it meets your needs, as well a few of the reasons why you should arrived at our clinic to your cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.
Plastic cosmetic surgery means reconstruction of body along with facial defects. These defects might be because of birth disorders, burns, trauma, or even a disease. The primary function of plastic cosmetic surgery therefore, is always to reconstruct to make corrections on the areas of your body that have become dysfunctional.

Drawn lines on a Caucasian woman's face as marks for facial plastic surgery

If you have been a cancer patient and possess undergone cancer treatment, then you may might need some reconstructive surgery. Mostly, radiotherapy and cancer surgery leaves the tissue regarding the tumor damaged. That is why, plastic cosmetic surgery has proven to be quite effective in restoring the part as well as the appearance of these tissue.
Accidents can also be the cause of your disfigurement. You may well be associated with a physical impact accident, or perhaps accident because of burns. As a result of this, there may occur some serious problems for your limbs, bones, hands, feet, or perhaps see your face. In these cases, plastic surgery can sort out the repair of the damaged tissues.
Our company offers several procedures of cosmetic plastic surgery within our clinic. Some of these include:

1. Breast reconstruction. If you have had your breast removed maybe because of cancer, then we will assist you to reconstruct it. In case you are involved in an accident, we benefit such things as the areola and nipple reconstruction.
2. Burn repair surgery. Burns may cause serious harm to your skin layer tissue. Therefore, we have such a task as skin grafting to help you repair such tissue.
3. Scar revision surgery. If you are not more comfortable with the scars you’ve on the skin, we now have scar reduction procedures which can help you reduce and also completely remove the scar.
4. Hand surgery. It is a procedure customized for those whose appearance overall performance with their hands continues to be jeopardized. Such are closely related to things like ulnar nerve compression, Dupuytren’s disease, hand paralysis, or because of nerve ganglion problems and arthritis effects.
5. Congenital defect repair.
6. Lower extremity reconstruction. We have several medical procedures options for lower extremity on account of arterial or vein disease.
If you are curious about for you to choose us, please read on. There are numerous reasons for you to choose us. The main reason is always that we are designed for attaining perfect and delightful cosmetic plastic surgery results. Also, were a certified and authorized plastic cosmetic surgery clinic. The whole surgeons are individuals The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS). Therefore, were recognized by The Medical Council as well as the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). This proves that we’re well trained, competent, and have the expertise in cosmetic plastic surgery.
Speak to us to get your consultation appointment using one of our surgeons today. You may love the experience as well as the outcomes of choosing us that may help you.


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